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Allow me to talk politics

I promise to be civil!  I stopped to think about all the causes that are important to me.   Respect, equal rights, clean water and air, organic and non-GMO, peace and security, to name a few.

But don’t you agree that we the people get no respect since Citizens United became law in 2010?

Remember Citizens United?  In a 5-4 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations, unions and non-profits have the same rights as individuals and can spend unlimited amounts of money to advocate for or against political candidates.

This ruling dramatically reshaped the political landscape.  Among the most significant developments: A surge of political “dark money” — secret cash that opaque nonprofit organizations funnel into US elections. Such groups do not publicly disclose their donors.

When our voices, which don’t represent big money, are relegated to whistling in the wind, none of the causes we care about get a fair hearing.  One voice against the voice of a corporation doesn’t stand a If we can get big money from hidden and corporate sources out of politics, I believe we will see things shift.

That’s why American Promise and the Massachusetts chapter of this national cross partisan organization called People Govern Not Money is so important.

American Promise is working nationally to pass a 28th amendment to the US Constitution to overturn Citizens United. Nineteen states have already passed resolutions.  (We’re a ballot state, which means we’re working to collect the required number of signatures to put a law proposal on the November ballot – read below!)

Attorney Jeff Clements, author of the book, Corporations Are Not People, started this national initiative, and he lives in our community.  His wife, Nancy Heselton together with Kim Wass are team captains in Concord and Acton.  They said, “We’re lucky that we now have an opportunity to advance the progress of getting big money out of politics and getting our country back in the hands of citizens….

“Here in MA, PeopleGovernNotMoney.org, will be gathering signatures in September and October for a ballot initiative in the 2018 Massachusetts election.

“We need a lot of help to get the number of signatures we need to secure a place on the 2018 ballot (we’re aiming for 90,000 signatures).  We would love to have you on board!

“The starting date for gathering signatures is September 20, 2017 and we have less than two months to do our work.  The time frame is short and sweet.  Together we can accomplish an important step toward

Let us know if you will be able to help out—I hope you will!   You can contact me for more information.  Also check out the websites  http://www.americanpromise.net; and www.People GovernNotMoney.org.  tel:9782546275

Keep your eyes peeled—we’ll be having some info tea and coffees in early September with a couple of kickoff potlucks to follow.

P.S.  Our summer intern, Maddie, says that 8 of 27 Constitutional amendments reversed Supreme Court Decisions!

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