Cranberry-Pear Apple Crisp with Spices

I love pies but don’t have the patience to deal with making crust.  Around holidays, this is my go-to kind of fruit dessert.  Even though I still peel fruit, cobblers and crisps are easy-going.  They don’t expect perfection from the baker, which is a relief.  And I love maple syrup with fruit!

I do use only organic fruit.  I remember my mother telling me how heavily cranberries and apples and pears are sprayed.  I want us all to be healthier and live happy longer.

Want to get the most out of your food? Enzymes play a big part.

Does eating organic food mean we’ll be healthy, wealthy and wise?  If only it were that easy… Before we can absorb anything, our body must break down what we eat into smaller pieces.  It’s that “breaking down” process that extracts nutrients, so they can be assimilated.  Until that happens, not much we put into our mouths does us any good.

It’s the hardworking enzymes that make that happen for us.

Enzymes are catalysts, spark plugs that initiate chemical reactions in our body.  Enzymes are both metabolic (systemic) and digestive.  Metabolic enzymes instigate various chemical reactions in cells including energy production and detoxification.  It’s the digestive enzymes needed to activate metabolic enzymes we’ll talk about here – digestive enzymes such as amylase to digest starches, protease for proteins, lipase for fats, lactase for dairy and cellulase for cellulose or fiber, maltase for grains and sucrase to break down sugars.