Astragalus (planetary herbals) and Zinc
(Source Naturals): “I tend to be a-stragal(us)er with colds and flues, but I zinc that this keeps them away!” – Mary

Thanksgiving Birds (yes, pies too!)

We’re proud to offer a choice of turkeys: a) Mary’s certified organic turkeys; and b) Stonewood natural turkeys.  Neither company uses drugs, and both companies grow beautiful birds.  The difference between the two, besides the certified organic label on Mary’s, is that I’ve found the Stonewood birds have slightly more white meat.  All birds are grown by the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of founders.  All birds are fed a vegetarian diet, given no growth hormones or antibiotics.   

Call Turkey Central at 978-371-7573 to order your bird.  Mary’s organic turkeys: $4.29 per lb.   Stonewood natural turkeys: $3.49 per lb.

Goodies from our kitchen? Absolutamente!  Pies (we’re the non-gluten experts, and our baked goods are the best!)  We truly have something for everyone, no matter what the dietary restrictions.  Cobblers.  Chocolate tortes.  Homemade organic cranberry sauce and lots more of our seasonal, holiday favorites.  Aunt Gertrude will be pleased.  Our holiday menu is available in our kitchen, on our website, or by writing

Ingredients for your table?  As always, we are so lucky to have everything for a festive holiday table.  Organic chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, garnet yams, parsnips, apples and pears, greens of all kinds.  Cranberries, clementines.  Stuffing.  Canned pumpkin.  Broths.  Paper towels to clean up!  Hostess gifts like figs, dates, jars of exquisite honey, Vermont maple syrups, pumpkinseed oil, nuts, chocolates to die for.


Bone Health 102

Calcium, without magnesium, is a problem.  We know that insufficient magnesium impairs bone formation, especially in adolescence.  We also see that higher magnesium is linked to better bone density and better markers of bone turnover.  Magnesium is needed to activate vitamin D, too.

Meanwhile, low magnesium levels are implicated in diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, migraines, kidney stones, muscle cramps, anxiety, even colon cancer.

There’s almost nothing in the body magnesium doesn’t touch, directly or indirectly.

And yet most Americans are deficient in the crucial mineral.  In 2005-2006, for example, more than half of us fell below the recommended daily allowance of 400 mg – itself considered low by many experts. 

Quinoa with Fennel and Chestnuts

Fennel is a vegetable I save for company and special occasions.  It seems a perfect addition to a holiday table, doesn’t it?  And it doesn’t hurt that fennel aids digestion either.  Your vegetarians will love this dish, too, because quinoa provides lots of excellent protein.

Don’t waste the green fronds on the fennel.  You can mince and add to salads or use wispy-like as a garnish.  Try that here.  I also freeze the chopped greens as a flavorful addition to soups or stews.

I love chestnuts when the weather turns towards winter and when I think of company.  Did you know that Roman soldiers were given chestnut porridge before entering battle because it is fortifying?