Jason Peppermint Toothpaste “I tend to chose Jason’s…  rather know that my tooth paste doesn’t contain neurotoxins!” – Paul

Motto Matcha Tea is the Motto, and I like it mucho!

Created by our neighbors in Boston, Motto Matcha naturally rejuvenates and refreshes your body.  … Debbie

Pepe Boca Organic Sprout Bread is a treat for your boca.

This local artisanal bakery ensures that their products are wholesome, sustainable, as well as absolutely delicious. … David

Feed your plants!

Flower growers have used blackstrap molasses (yes, we do sell this old-time remedy for iron poor blood!) to get stronger, longer lasting blossoms for ages. Molasses supplies trace minerals along with bio-available sugars that feed plants. Milk, too, is a soil and plant food. The organization Slow Food says that, in addition, milk is an effective fungicide and soft-bodied insecticide; critters like grasshoppers don’t have a pancreas to process the sugars, so they are driven off when milk is applied to leaves. Slow Food says to mix two cups of milk (whole) into eight cups of water and stir in ¼ cup of blackstrap molasses for the first feeding (spray on leaves or pour a cup of the mixture around the stem of each plant).  Do this once every week or two to nurture healthy communities of microbes, fungi and beneficials in compost or garden soil.

Have an unusual-looking vegetable or fruit from your garden? Bring it in and show us!

And here’s to a wonderful start to everyone’s summer. For ice cream, remember we have two wonderful companies who use no gums or stabilizers in their recipes. These old-fashioned ice creams are the real deal – from Stow, MA, Ken and Gina’s; and Tea-rrific, whose flavors each feature a different tea.

Chocolate Coconut Cream

Thanks to Lisa Feiner, our May speaker from the non-profit organization, Sharp Again Naturally, I am back to enjoying a spoonful or two of coconut oil each day.

Sharp Again Naturally’s website reminded me that “All of your cell membranes and about 60-70% of the brain and are made up of fats. Cholesterol is a very important component of the support structure of the brain and many cell functions take place within the cell membrane. Since about the 1950’s many people in this country have been using 100% vegetable oil…usually hydrogenated polyunsaturated fat…, which can carry free radicals into your cell membranes. If you begin to substitute coconut and other natural oils, such as olive oil and even butter, along with omega-3 oils you may be able to undo some of the damage.

“Most of the cells of the body turn over within 3 to 6 months and you may notice a nicer texture to your skin, and a decrease in certain problems such as yeast and fungal infections [if you incorporate some coconut

Drink your Suncreen?

Summer – everyone’s favorite season! Except those of us with fair skin… We burn, we freckle, we worry about lasting damage.

Yes, there are supplements and superfoods that can help.

First of all, let’s be clear: nothing is going to take the place of a healthy dose of avoidance. Seek shade, especially during those really fierce hours around noon. And use a good sunblock that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, made with natural ingredients that actually nourish and heal the skin.

And then, make green tea part of your daily routine.