“I can skip my morning coffee and still feel dandy without the caffeine, while enjoying the benefits of chicory and dandelion root!” – Jeff.  A treat from Dandy Blend.

“Life is like a box of chocolates- might as well switch it up and try a twist on your favorites!”  Banana Cream Dark Chocolate Coconut Butter Cup by eatingEVOLVED


Herbed Yogurt Soup with Roses

Adapted from a recipe from Food & Wine, which is one of my favorites.

This soup is another recipe that gets you in and out of the kitchen in no time. I love it with a piece of hearty bread and butter.

The addition of rose petals (I get mine from my rose bushes outside, which is easy, and I know that I don’t spray them with pesticides). If you don’t have roses in your yard, use a little rose water because it will impart some of the properties of rose – one of which is to make a happy heart. 

5-Minute Spring Fling Dinner

May is glorious, May is glorious, but juicy summer vegetables like heirloom tomatoes are not even close to  vine-ripe. And spring fever makes us frisky, doesn’t it? We’re like colts wanting to kick up our heels! I don’t know about you, but standing by the stove isn’t something I do much in May – there are seeds to plant, hikes to take, lilacs to smell.  That’s why this dish is a godsend.  It’s as fast as open one can and two jars, and mix the three together.

“Is it good for me?” calcium | multivitamins | saturated fat | coffee

1. Is coffee bad for me?

Okay, so it’s a little more complicated than yes/no. There is no convincing evidence that a reasonable amount of coffee is in any way unhealthy for the vast majority of adults. In fact, the preponderance of the evidence strongly suggests that coffee is linked to significant health benefits almost across the board.

Granted, it’s sometimes hard to tease out correlation vs. causation here. Maybe people who drink coffee are already more motivated, early risers, more likely to go to the gym, etc., etc.

We see strong evidence that coffee protects the liver in both chronic alcoholics and healthy adults. We see some evidence of cancer risk reduction (skin, liver, stomach, colon). And while we see that too much coffee may hurt blood sugar and blood pressure in the short term, longer-term consumption of more moderate amounts of coffee may actually improve both parameters.