Broken Ankle, Healing Bones

From the desk of Debra Stark

Who hasn’t broken a bone or doesn’t know someone who has?

Two days before New Year’s I was hurrying into an exercise class called Ageless Grace when I skidded on black ice and took a spectacular fall.  Four cars on Commonwealth Avenue stopped, four kind men leapt out to help me up.  I insisted I would be fine, that it was just a bad sprain. I hobbled around the rest of the day, did cooking for a New Year’s Day party with a darling daughter-in-law, and then the next day while scooting around the store on a utility cart was persuaded that the emergency room was a good idea. Both sides of my left ankle were each the size of large grapefruit. An X-ray said the ankle was fractured.

Vegan Lemon Pudding

I’m always looking for Easter and Passover desserts that are not as heavy as some, and ones that just about everyone can eat. This recipe has simple ingredients and takes about 10 minutes to make. I serve it in pretty wine glasses or custard cups with fresh berries on top.

Light Spring Miso Soup

It’s spring, and we’re trying to eat lighter to lose winter fat we’ve camouflaged under sweaters and winter coats. I always think of miso soup as a perfect way to waltz into spring.

This recipe take about 10 minutes total to make. It’s good the next day, too.

What is miso? It’s a traditional Japanese fermented food made from a paste of soybeans with a live culture known as koji, often with other ingredients. WebMD says miso “can get your digestive system moving. Probiotic-filled miso is often used to make a salty soup that’s low in calories and high in B vitamins and protective antioxidants.”