Eat Well, Be Happy – Episode 308

Episode 308

with Debra Stark & Roxanne Bispham

  • Roast duck and potatoes
  • Salad with roquefort and grapefruit
  • Steamed veggie
  • Strawberry custard

Eat Well, Be Happy – Episode 307

Episode 307

with Debra Stark & Roxanne Bispham

  • Sweet potato, purple potato latkes
  • Feta with toasted walnut dip
  • Eggplant caviar with smoked EVOO
  • Chestnut artichoke lemon roast

“The only gochujang spicy sauce I’ve found that doesn’t have white sugar, that is also GMO and gluten-free. A little dollop will do you!” … Debra

Magnesium, in Sickness and in Health

This essential mineral is crucial to healthy bones. Plus it can help with leg cramps, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines headaches, and constipation, too.

 Magnesium is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the modern industrialized diet. Notice I didn’t say “Western” diet. No matter what your native food culture, as soon as you start moving away from fresh and whole foods, and towards refined food products, the magnesium-rich foods are the first to fall behind: dark green veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, some legumes and fruits, seaweeds, and unrefined mineral-rich waters[1]. A diet survey in 2009 found that 57% of Americans failed to consume the recommended (minimum) magnesium intake of 400 mg a day.

Bibimbop, Korean Hot Pot

I always wanted to make Bibimbop at home (Korean hot pots – rice topped with a mix of pickled and cooked vegetables and usually a fried egg as well), because eating it out was always so much fun. But I wanted my own version, and one without sugar. Below is what we did for our cooking show, Eat Well Be Happy, which we all loved. This Bibimbop is vegetarian, and, yes, we did use the dolsot pots from Crazy Korean Living (yep, we’ve got them in the store; they’re lead and cadmium-free, non-porous and good for so many other dishes as well), but you can, of course, use your own individual serving bowls.