Green Giant Blueberry Chia Smoothie

I’m in the mood for ice cream, and this is like a big bowl of soft, melty blueberry ice cream without the guilt or calories. I’ve been eating this every morning lately, after having taken a break from smoothies. Enjoying it, every spoonful, too! What’s more, I made it for several groups in the community, The Weeds and Seeds group in Carlisle, the Men’s Group at the Trinitarian Church, and The National Charity League (a wonderful group of moms and girls). The most amazing reaction was from the men’s group. They were aghast when they saw the kale going in the Vitamix, and surprised that they wanted seconds.

Resolution: Be Nice(r) to Other People

Is there really an herb for this? How quickly does it work? And how can we slip it into someone else’s coffee without them noticing? 

Okay, in all seriousness, it isn’t that easy.  Yes, there are herbs that can help. But none of them are magically effective. None of them take the place of those major life changes we might want to prescribe for others, or perhaps reach out and grasp for ourselves. None of them can accomplish what meditation, mindfulness, or a solid night’s sleep can. Having said that…

That Old-Fashioned Remedy: Castor Oil

Most of you are familiar with my article on dry eyes and castor oil. (If you’re not, talk to me!) You know I’m a castor oil fan and always have a bottle on hand at home. But last month, Susan Feist, LMT of Concord Sports and Therapeutic Massage was in our store and spoke about her experience with castor oil.

Well, she got me all excited again. I can’t wait to try castor oil for more things!