Kelp Forest Noodles

It’s all about simple.  This is tres simple and tres delish.  If you haven’t discovered kelp noodles or Austrian pumpkinseed oil, well, now’s your chance.  I’m enamored of both.  Kelp noodles are virtually calorie-free, entirely gluten-free, have a pleasant, neutral taste and are said to maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  The alginates in kelp lower the mercury load in the body too.  They can be used raw, right out of the bag, or served hot with your favorite pasta sauce.  Ain’t that grand?!?

The Stay Healthy Care Package for College Students

“Take the Health Food Store with You!”

It can be a tough transition going from the home you grew up in, to a dorm or an apartment.  It can be tough leaving behind that old, familiar pantry stocked with your nutritious favorites to nutrition sourced from the cafeteria or the corner store.  It can be tough trading in your organic shampoo and conditioner for something bright pink and toxic.  Not to mention how tough it can be, at least for some of us, to shop, cook, and clean for ourselves at all!