(Also known as Incan Berries or Cape Gooseberries)

One of the superfruits. Indigenous to South America, goldenberries were brought to South Africa in the 1800’s and are grown today in countries far and wide such as China, England, Scotland, Norway and India. Rich in vitamin C, Ayurvedic medicine (the medicine of India) says goldenberries flush toxins from the body, improve immunity, increase vitality, and strengthen teeth and nails. For a fruit, they are said to have a surprising amount of protein and even contain some vitamin B-12.

Self-Care: Can We Prevent the Seven-Pound Gain?

Debra Stark from the Concord Journal

The days are cooler, so I’m thinking “turkey.” I bet you are too.  Before we know it, Thanksgiving and then it’s already New Year’s Day.  Lots of gatherings around the groaning board with family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

Did you know the average adult gains seven pounds during the holidays?

Articles give helpful hints to avoid over-eating and gaining weight like, “Eat protein before leaving home.” “Take smaller portions.” “Eat slower!”  “Hold a glass of soda water so you aren’t tempted to eat too many crackers with brie or drink too much wine.”

I’m not good at following that kind of advice because I love food.