Red Lentil Soup with Butternut Squash

Every March, I remember all over again that March can be awful because weather is often cold and snowy, or dreary and rainy.  It’s not winter, and it’s not summer or even spring.  That’s why soup is perfect in March, and sharing soup with friends takes the bull by the horns.  Sharing soup helps keep the moody blues* away.  The aroma of soup and laughter around the table is the best medicine of all.  Who then cares about bad weather?!?  We take heart knowing spring is on its way.

NAC: One of the Best Supplements

For immune function and detoxification, plus liver health, mental health, and general health

For a while now, the amino acid derivative n-acetyl-cysteine (“NAC”) has been one of my favorite supplements.  It’ll decongest you, cut your cold or flu by about half, raise the antioxidant status of your liver and lungs, protect your kidneys from chemical injury, support detoxification of everything from mercury to acetaminophen to alcohol, and protect your eyes from degenerative damage.

So, yes, I liked NAC.  I took NAC.  And I thought I knew all there was to know about NAC (well, within reason, of course…).