Autumn Carrots and Squash

Serve this over lentils, rice, millet or quinoa.  Below, I’ve used black lentils because the contrast is striking, and because I like lentils!  All you butternut squash lovers out there, I don’t begrudge you the squash, but I have a hard time finding time to peel and cut squash.  If I can’t buy it already peeled and cubed, I use yams instead, which are just as healthy but a little sweeter.  I cannot tell a lie.

Economic Sanity and the Price of Cheese

I promise next month to get back to normal topics of conversation in these letters: lungs and livers, your bellies and innards, and wonderful herbs and vitamins which make them shiny!  Next month, I promise.

The other day as the store was about to close, I turned to the fridge to make my important decision for the evening: what kind of cheese to buy to melt over my broccoli, black beans, and diced tomatoes for dinner?  It was down to two finalists — Neighborly Farms organic, pasture-fed Green Onion Cheddar; and the 5-Spoke Farms organic, raw, pasture-fed Herbal Jack.  It was a close race although I eventually did give the edge to the Herbal Jack.  But then my practical side kicked in: maybe I should get the Organic Valley product instead.  Not a bad cheese by any measure.  Heck, it even won an award.  But more importantly, Organic Valley is a large operation, with an efficient supply chain and distribution networks, and centralized production facilities — in other words, Organic Valley was going to be cheaper.

Only it wasn’t!  Organic Valley’s price had just gone up.


We shop in the store, just like you do, because we believe in natural and organic, because we want to leave the planet a better place, and because we want our families to be healthy and happy. When we put a product on the shelves, it’s because it’s something we might want to buy! So it was especially upsetting to read the Organic Consumer Association’s (OCA) report on 1,4-dioxane on “natural” bodycare and household products. But we trust the OCA, a watchdog and advocacy group with more than 500,000 members. This is no trade organization or industry mouthpiece; in fact, the OCA often directly opposes powerful interests in the organic industry.

Pineapple Macadamia Slaw

I was one of the lucky ones who got to attend Amanda’s cooking class in September (thanks to Lindsay for stepping in and helping out too).  Every dish was great creative and gorgeous, as you can see by the following recipe.  (The next “secret ingredient” class taught by Amanda and Lindsay will feature hot peppers.  Yes, you should sign up right away because it will fill up fast.)