Kurt’s Pecan Pesto (a summer recipe)

I fell in love with Kurt’s recipe back in the summer of 2002. Kurt is baking bread at the Orchard Hill Breadworks in VT.  He swings by from time to time bearing the gift of whole grain loaves baked the old-fashioned way. 

Kurt writes, “One time Adam asked the Gaia Herb rep what the best herb for general health was.  The rep said basil and explained to us that it was the best overall tonic for the body.  Pecans in this recipe add healthy fatty acids to the mix, and of course there are all those benefits that come from fresh garlic.  If raw olive oil (like Bariani olive oil, which we carry) is used, this pesto can be a 100% raw recipe.  Could this be the healthiest recipe ever at Debra’s Natural Gourmet?

The Super-Juices: Goji, Noni, Açaí, Mangosteen, Pomegranate

In the world of vitamins and minerals, herbs and oils, green foods and high-tech antioxidants, superfruit juices are a relatively new development.  But in the last decade really, in the last few years they’ve leapt into the mainstream with a vengeance.  Noni was first, after a woman got on the Oprah show and swore that it cured her of everything.  Then followed goji and mangosteen, pomegranate and acai, each one hyped as better than the others, a panacea, a miracle.