Year: 2004
Dec 2004

There are 101 ways to approach winter wellness, and 1001 products you can use.  It’s enough to make your head spin!  I’m going to try and simplify things here, and present a relatively straightforward program.  In short, I’m going to tell you what I do when I’m trying to stay well.  But before I begin,

Nov 2004

(With a special note about antibiotics) When I first sat down to write this, I was just going to talk about my 5-point herbal wellness plan, and how important it is now with the flu vaccine shortage. But then I figured I ought to write about stress… which meant writing about adaptogens… then a couple

Oct 2004

By Carolyn Soderstro Confused about essential fatty acids (EFA’s)? It’s pretty hard not to be because much of the information out there is inaccurate, incomplete or wrapped around an advertisement for a particular product. Here are the basics together with answers to some of the more common questions we’ve been asked. Why do we need essential fatty

Sep 2004

When people come into the store and ask, “What’s good for energy?” 101 possibilities come to mind.  There are so many herbs and superfoods, high-potency vitamins and state-of-the-art supplements to choose from.  Well, I love all that stuff, I really do.  But before you move on to the ginsengs and Coenzyme Q10s of the world,

Aug 2004

In the early 1930’s a dentist named Weston Price traveled to Switzerland to disprove a theory. At the time, most people believed that tooth decay and other dental problems had nothing to do with diet, but rather, with “race mixing.” The theory was, if your mom was Spanish and your dad was Irish, you’re teeth

Jul 2004

Organic: Most of us have a rough idea what organic means: grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, on land that has been clean for at least three years. No sewage sludge as fertilizer, no genetically modified organisms (GMOs: see below). Food must not be irradiated. For animal products, no anti-biotics or synthetic hormones, and

Jun 2004

For bumps, bruises, burns, bites, sprains, broken bones, and getting trampled by an elephant. Heat or Ice? At least once a summer I jam a finger playing basketball. Within minutes, the finger turns a sickly purple-red and swells up to twice its normal size, and then I can’t move it for a week. Or at

May 2004

Treatment Target #5 – Oxidation: Chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer cells; the problem is, they also kill the healthy cells of the body. Antioxidants protect the healthy cells of the body from chemo and radiation; the problem is, they may also protect the cancer cells… As you can imagine, then, using antioxidants alongside conventional therapies

Apr 2004

Cancer is the taboo topic in health food stores. Sure, we’re always eager to talk about prevention, but when it comes to treatment, we shy away from concrete statements. We do this because, while many of us have considerable knowledge about the herbs and vitamins in question, we rarely have an in-depth understanding of the

Mar 2004

Ever since we hosted Mary Bove’s talk about the thyroid in January, people have been coming in saying how sorry they were to have missed it ? and do we have something like lecture notes from the talk? Unfortunately, we don’t. Although I can’t cram into two pages what Mary Bove covered in an hour-and-a-half,

Feb 2004

Another month, another topic, and yet another opportunity to write about fish oils. Truly nothing in natural or conventional medicine (with the exception of exercise, stress reduction, and a balanced, whole foods diet) is as effective in preventing and treating so many conditions! While there is, for any given condition, something that works better for

Jan 2004

Many women experience what they call a Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS. For a few days before their period, they may become angry, moody, irritable, tired, and/or depressed. Some women report water retention and bloating, breast pain or tenderness, headache, digestive problems, and/or food cravings. These symptoms last a few days to a week before their