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Tea-rrific-Ice-CreamsTea-rrific Ice Creams. No gums, no fillers, just wonderful ice cream the old fashioned way.  Infused with teas. Lovely, and featured in the Boston Globe! … Debra

 Staff Favorite

Olivegevity Armonikon extra virgin olive oil.  Product of organic farming, where each tree is regarded as sacred and olives are harvested the old-fashioned way. … Debra

Of Note

Shooting four more cooking shows!!!

EWBHEat Well Be Happy is shooting four more cooking shows, Friday, June 10th, in my home kitchen. We’re pleased as punch to have three people in our studio audience who bid on these seats. 100% of the “price of admission” has gone directly to their non-profit! This is truly a win-win….

A previous member of a studio audience wrote, “I honestly had no idea what to expect as I approached your home yesterday, but I certainly never expected such a magical experience! You were so kind and generous to make this experience possible through the Food Pantry (where I am headed shortly to sort!). I learned so much listening to you and your talented staff members. And then to be able to actually savor all of those amazing dishes – well, that was pure heaven.”

Feed your plants!

Flower growers have used blackstrap molasses to get stronger, longer lasting blossoms for ages. Molasses supplies trace minerals along with bio-available sugars that feed plants. Milk, too, is a soil and plant food. The organization Slow Food says that, in addition, milk is an effective fungicide and soft-bodied insecticide; critters like grasshoppers don’t have a pancreas to process the sugars, so they are driven off when milk is applied to leaves.

Mz. Stark Was in Washington

I flew to Washington DC in April to take part in the Natural Products Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. What did we ask for? That there be a federal standard for labeling of GMOs; that the Family and Health Investment Act of 2016 allow the use of Flexible Spending Account dollars up to $1,000 per person per year for dietary supplements. [Current law covers prescription drugs but does not allow reimbursement for pro-active remedies such as fish oil or vitamin D.] We asked that there be standards for the cosmetics industry and that the FDA clarify natural in personal care products. And more!

Debra named Legend

Legend“Each year at Natural Products Expo West, New Hope Network honors the industry’s greatest contributors….Legends are individuals at the center of stories about change—influencers who change the way we do what we do with enduring impact.” This year Debra was one of 12 individuals honored.

The only blender that makes us smile!!!!

We’re expecting more Vitamix 7500’s – wonderful 2.2 horsepower blenders that run up to 220 miles per hour with a low profile so they fit under cabinets. Did I mention a 7-year warranty? You need this blender if you, like me, put a whole bunch of parsley, stems and all, into your smoothie together with a whole peeled lemon, frozen berries. For the first time ever, Vitamix is offering $50 off your preordered machine, just in time for Mother’s Day. Reserve your red, black or white Vitamix 7500 today. Regular price $529, Debra’s price $479. Mother’s Day special price is $429. Wow! (No discount cards.)

 What's Cooking

String Beans a Different Way

This is perfect for summer picnics. The dressing and accoutrements also work for other early summer veggies, if you’re not crazy about green beans or partial to yellow beans (my favorites). I’ve used this recipe and the dressing to make a slightly different dish with raw broccoli rabe or steamed potatoes!

Because of their green color (or yellow for yellow beans), we don’t think about beans having carotenoids. They do! Recent studies have confirmed the presence of lutein, beta-carotene, violaxanthin, and neoxanthin in green beans.

More good news about this dish: you can serve it warm or cold, and it keeps for 3-4 days.

White Bean, Artichoke Salad with Sumac

Another easy-to-make, easy to travel salad. It also keeps for 3-4 days. And this one gets you to eat more beans, which Dr. Furhman says is a good thing. Beans fill you up, not out!

Did you know that artichokes contain antioxidants which are beneficial to the liver? They’ve long been used in folk medicine as a treatment for liver ailments, and have been shown to reduce cholesterol too. What I didn’t know is that artichokes are extremely high in fiber – one large artichoke contains a quarter of the recommended daily allowance for fiber.

Farro Pasta with Stuff

Spring is typically a time we eat more lightly, and that’s certainly a good thing. Eating those spring greens that are poking up everywhere is what we are meant to do when we eat with the seasons, right? But some nights, I just want that bowl of pasta, and do you know what my new favorite pasta is? The Rustichella d’Abruzzo Organic Farro spaghetti from Italy. This pasta leaves me feeling good. My tummy appreciates farro.

What is farro? An ancient grain, and the Italian word “farro” encompasses three varieties of heirloom grains: einkorn, spelt and emmer wheat, all of which are lower in gluten, higher in protein, and also have higher amounts of micronutrients.  It’s the whole grain pasta that I enjoy!

Adam's Corner

Why Can’t the Experts Agree on Calcium (or any other nutrient)?

How much of something should we get? It’s a simple question. And it often receives a simple answer.

Sometimes, too simple…

Simple answers are easy and comforting, but they are rarely accurate or complete. They don’t account for individual differences in fitness, reproductive status, metabolic function, medical history, genetic predisposition, time of day, time of month, and time of life. They don’t tell you the whole story, and they don’t listen to your story.

Still, we declare target doses, or at least dose ranges, appropriate for most of us. From a public health perspective, clarity is preferable to nuance.

Smoothies 102

You put stuff in a blender. You run the blender. 30 seconds later, you have a healthy breakfast.

But what, exactly, should go in the blender? Last month, I listed four foundational ingredients that ought to be in every smoothie: protein powder, frozen fruit, fish or flax oil, and greens powder. This month, I’ll mention five more bonus ingredients. In case you’re worried, everything will taste just fine: you shouldn’t have to start your day with a grimace.

And if you want to skip talk of ingredients, and get straight to recipes, come in and ask for a copy of our “Smoothie Inspiration” recipe sheet.