Of Note

2014 Retailer of the Year !!!!

We were thrilled to be awarded 2014 Retailer of the Year (Community Engagement) at Natural Product Expo East. A quarter century as your natural market, and now the 2014 Retailer of the Year (Community Engagement) in the US natural products industry. Thank you for walking through our doors.

Koch Organic Turkeys for Thanksgiving & Much More!

This year we’re proud to offer Koch’s certified organic turkeys from the Koch Turkey Farm. Started in 1939 by Roscoe and Emma Koch, the farm is run by the third generation Koch family who feed their turkeys an all-vegetarian diet. They use no synthetic herbicides or pesticides to grow any feed. Call today to order yours. 978-371-7573. Koch organic turkey, $3.99 per lb. Quite a deal!

Goodies from our kitchen? Absolutamente! Pies (we’re the gluten-free experts and our baked good are the best)! Vegan stuff too. Cobblers. Ginger Crust Cheesecake. Homemade organic cranberry sauce, cranberry crunch and lots more of our seasonal, holiday favorites. To make sure you get exactly what Aunt Gertrude wants, call our kitchen today. You know the drill… 978-371-7573.

INGREDIENTS? We have all the ingredients for your festive, holiday table: Organic chestnuts, clementines, Brussels sprouts, Garnet yams, parsnips, heavenly pears, greens…Hostess gifts like figs and dates and honey and maple syrup and pumpkinseed oil. Chocolate. Candles, pretty soaps.

Debra’s Natural Gourmet Turns 25!!!!

Mark your calendar – Debra’s Natural Gourmet Turns 25! Birthday Party and Non-GMO FOOD FAIR, Saturday October 18. 10:00-2:00. We will have birthday cake and ice cream, of course, but also a ton of our favorite companies sampling food. Come have a great time and help us celebrate! We’re all grown up! And, as a special treat, our birthday party coincides with Discover West Concord Day, which means the whole neighborhood is celebrating…5% of our sales the whole day will go to The Non-GMO Project.

Vitamix Sale News

For those of you who have been asking, we have more Vitamix 7500’s on the way, and you, too, can reserve a black, white or red one at the extraordinary price of $479.  Call today so we put your name on your new whirlwind of a machine.  This is a great price, and Vitamix has promised they will honor it at least until the end of the year. 

 What's Cooking

Holiday Spiced Crème Caramel

Made here with full-fat coconut milk so it’s dairy free. I also love this recipe with cow or goat milk (I’ve been known to also use Highlawn Farm half & half for a really rich, indulgent crème caramel…).

The trick to marking a creamy crème caramel is to steam the custard by putting the ramekins, egg cups or cake pan into a larger lasagna-type pan and adding hot water to that larger pan once you’ve put it into the oven.  AND, it’s a life-saver that you can make this recipe way in advance. Crème Caramel keeps in the refrigerator for about a week. Don’t unmold until you’re ready to serve.

Bhindi Masala Chickpea Curry with Ghee

We sampled this out at our birthday party, and it got gobbled up! It was a fave. Was it the Eden beans, the Organic India ghee with its rich flavor and deep golden color, or the Arora Creations Bhindi Masala seasoning mix? My guess they come together in a wonderful, perfect storm… Speaking of seasoning mix, there’s no way I could make this myself. Where on Earth would I find amchur? So I keep a few Aurora packets we sell in the store on hand at home for that last minute “What do I make for dinner tonight?”

Ethiopian Injera Made with Teff

Did you know that it takes 150 grains of teff, which grows mainly in the highlands of Ethiopia, to equal the size of a kernel of wheat?  Teff is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in calcium, iron, fiber and protein. Because teff is also one of the gluten-free grains, along with amaranth, buckwheat, millet, and quinoa, injera (which is a sourdough bread) doesn’t rise, but once fermented becomes a spongy, interesting flatbread often used as an edible tablecloth to scoop up vegetable stews, meat and juice from tomatoes! 

Adam's Corner

Get Some Sleep!

A repeat because we all need sleep, especially around the holidays! Adam Stark

A good night’s sleep is absolutely foundational to good health. This isn’t just your grandma talking. The research is there, too. Yes, it’s hard to separate cause from effect, but it appears that insufficient sleep is linked to slower and fuzzier thinking, a weakened immune system, anxiety and depression, weight gain, heart attacks, and fatal car crashes. Not to mention wrinkles.


Yet so many of us sleep so poorly, or simply don’t sleep enough.

Stay Sharp: PART 1: Prevention

Natural Medicine to Prevent and Treat Age-Related Cognitive Decline and Dementia

This is one of those topics I’ve shied away from writing about for a long time, mostly because it’s hard to write about without either oversimplifying on one hand, or getting lost in the details on the other. 

There are mountains and mountains of research out there.  And that research is, for the most part, highly nuanced, and still inconclusive.  It’s nuanced because there are so many different kinds of dementia, with dozens if not hundreds of etiologies, and such a complicated matrix of risk factors, it’s enough to make you dizzy.  And it’s inconclusive because of the inherent difficulties in drawing solid conclusions from studies that track people, sometimes for decades, in the messy, confounder-filled Real World. 

Part 2, next month, will talk about treatment.  And it will be easier to write about.

So I’ll do my best.  I’ll talk about five things that I believe can prevent dementia.  I’m going to talk about general health, omega-3 fats, vitamin D, and using your brain.