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Episode 310

with Debra Stark & Alyssa Held

  • Roasted beets with orange, pistachios and goat cheese
  • Steamed veggies with lemony tahini sauce
  • Flamenco turtle bean salad with avocado
 Staff Favorite

Hudson-Valley-Seek-Library“Debra’s can’t wait to try some new heirloom veggie seeds. Have you tried red celery, scarlet kale, Ananas Noire tomato?”


 Staff Favorite

“The only gochujang spicy sauce I’ve found that doesn’t have white sugar, that is also GMO and gluten-free. A little dollop will do you!” … Debra

Of Note

Debra named Legend

Legend“Each year at Natural Products Expo West, New Hope Network honors the industry’s greatest contributors….Legends are individuals at the center of stories about change—influencers who change the way we do what we do with enduring impact.” This year Debra was one of 12 individuals honored.

The only blender that makes us smile!!!!

We’re expecting more Vitamix 7500’s – wonderful 2.2 horsepower blenders that run up to 220 miles per hour with a low profile so they fit under cabinets. Did I mention a 7-year warranty? You need this blender if you, like me, put a whole bunch of parsley, stems and all, into your smoothie together with a whole peeled lemon, frozen berries. For the first time ever, Vitamix is offering $50 off your preordered machine, just in time for Mother’s Day. Reserve your red, black or white Vitamix 7500 today. Regular price $529, Debra’s price $479. Mother’s Day special price is $429. Wow! (No discount cards.)

For Passover

 (Hope you and yours had a Happy Easter!), we have the best matzos ever. Gluten-free and whole wheat. We’ve got other Passover goodies from our kitchen too. Some of my favorites? Coconut Ghee Gars, Maple Almond Frangipane, Flourless Chocolate Torte.

New Episodes coming!!

Eat Well Be Happy is filming another four shows, Friday, April 8th. This time we have guests from the Acton Food Pantry as our studio audience.

Metro TV in Louisville, KY wrote “Just wanted to thank you for your show! We started airing Eat Well Be Happy 4-5 months ago and our viewers love it.” YOU can watch anytime, anywhere on any device by going to our website, www.DebrasNaturalGourmet.com!

Putting your money where your mouth is

From a local on-line newspaper, Patch: “MIT graduate Shiva Ayyadurai’s offer is simple: If the Monsanto Company can disprove his claim that there are ‘no safety assessment standards’ for genetically modified organisms (GMO), he will give the agro-giant a $10 million building that he owns in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“That’s how strongly the inventor believes in the alleged danger of unregulated GMOs.”

 What's Cooking

Many Greens Salad with Cultured Veggies

It’s that time of year – its spring! We’re all trying to eat lighter as we shed layers of winter clothing. We just can’t hide our over-indulgences any more, can we? This dish gives us a boost, and it perks up our insides, which are winter-lazy, too. Of course eat organically-grown veggies, because pesticides and herbicides don’t do any body good.

Did you know that all kinds of cabbage have vitamin K? Vitamin K makes our bones stronger and helps prevent osteoporosis because it facilitates the transport of calcium from the bloodstream into the bone. I wasn’t aware that vitamin K plays an important role in keeping our nervous system and brain healthier, too.

Bibimbop, Korean Hot Pot

I always wanted to make Bibimbop at home (Korean hot pots – rice topped with a mix of pickled and cooked vegetables and usually a fried egg as well), because eating it out was always so much fun. But I wanted my own version, and one without sugar. Below is what we did for our cooking show, Eat Well Be Happy, which we all loved. This Bibimbop is vegetarian, and, yes, we did use the dolsot pots from Crazy Korean Living (yep, we’ve got them in the store; they’re lead and cadmium-free, non-porous and good for so many other dishes as well), but you can, of course, use your own individual serving bowls.

Life Changing Bread (Our version)


Adam sent me a link to “The Life-Changing Loaf of Bread” by Sarah Briton, and I want to give her a big thumbs up here. This is my adaptation, which we made on our cooking show, Eat Well Be Happy. You can see that this recipe is a snap to make. It’s also chock-a-block full of nutrients, protein, minerals, fiber, gluten-free, nut-free and vegan if you use coconut oil (or olive or sesame oil; both are additional options). We love it, and you will too. You’ll also enjoy reading Sarah Briton’s website, http://www.mynewroot.org. Tell Sarah we sent you!

Adam's Corner

Smoothies 101

You put stuff in a blender. You run the blender. 60 seconds later, you have a healthy breakfast on the run. Or not on the run… I enjoy sipping my smoothies over the morning paper. Either way, it’s a great start to your morning.

But what, exactly, goes in the blender? In this two-part article, I’ll have ten suggestions. This month, the four suggestions are foundational; next month, the following six will be bonuses. Things like maca powder and bee pollen. And in case you were worried, everything is going to taste just fine: you shouldn’t have to start your day with a grimace.

And if you want to skip talk of ingredients, and get straight to recipes, come in and ask for a copy of our “Smoothie Inspiration” recipe sheet.

Magnesium, in Sickness and in Health

This essential mineral is crucial to healthy bones. Plus it can help with leg cramps, anxiety, high blood pressure, migraines headaches, and constipation, too.

 Magnesium is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the modern industrialized diet. Notice I didn’t say “Western” diet. No matter what your native food culture, as soon as you start moving away from fresh and whole foods, and towards refined food products, the magnesium-rich foods are the first to fall behind: dark green veggies, nuts, seeds, whole grains, some legumes and fruits, seaweeds, and unrefined mineral-rich waters[1]. A diet survey in 2009 found that 57% of Americans failed to consume the recommended (minimum) magnesium intake of 400 mg a day.